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Oliver Holden-Moses, jazz drummer
the Trio on stage for Jay Leno
Oliver Holden-Moses is a drummer, percussionist, and composer from Norman, Oklahoma. A graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy in Percussion and Interlochen Arts Camp in Jazz Percussion, Oliver is currently studying at the Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University.
Oliver Holden-Moses, jazz drummer
Oliver soloing with the Interlochen Jazz Ensemble
He has enjoyed success in several genres and groups including wind ensembles, orchestra, chamber ensembles, big bands, small jazz groups, and pit orchestra in both ballet and musical theatre settings. Oliver has also collaborated extensively with composers, dancers, filmmakers, singer-songwriters, and visual artists.
Oliver Holden-Moses, jazz drummer
Oliver, Lawrence Hutles (b.), and Arnau Hanly-Jorda (p.)
A student of She-e Wu, Bill Sears, Keith Aleo, Dr. Lance Drege, David Hardman and Jemar Poteat, Oliver has performed alongside Lee Rucker, Emil Khudyev, Anthony Di Sanza, Adam Ledbetter, Carmen Bradford, Gary Motley and Jay Leno. He dreams of pursuing music with the same tenacity as personal hero and future best friend, Russell Westbrook. Why not?


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As a young musician, I have worked tirelessly to become as impactful a musician as possible regardless of setting. I believe the skill of diversity and range to be an invaluable tool at the disposal of any serious musician. Furthermore, I am driven by the desire to move my audience and engage the listener both sonically and emotionally. Thus, my playing has become a tangible representation of the conversation I want to start with my listeners.

With this, I am thrilled to release my debut EP. Thematically, I consider this recording to be a balancing act between traditional and contemporary sounds. The masters of the past have undoubtedly been a huge influence on me: Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, Max Roach, Ed Thigpen, and Elvin Jones have molded me into the musician I am, but they do not define me. I would like to think that they have given me the tools to define myself as a musician and a person. I have faced a long battle with my ears and hands to communicate the notes I hear within myself, and having the opportunity to share these notes and the feelings that are attached to them is a dream come true. This EP represents where I am artistically today, and I look forward to working for continued growth.

I would like to thank the musicians performed alongside me on this EP: Jared Cathey – Tenor Saxophone, Raul Reyes Bueno – Bass, and Adam Ledbetter – Piano.

I could not have done this without them and I am beyond thankful for their wisdom. Thank you to my mother for her unconditional support, Jemar Poteat for his teachings and friendship, Jarod Evans for his masterful sound engineering, my father for his help with cover art, Christian Pearson for his tenacious marketing of the OKC music scene, and all the friends, family, and colleagues who have helped me grow.